Ranking The Best Bond Movies: Part 1 (#23-#16)

By Mack Rawden 2012-11-06 19:01:44discussion comments
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21) 2008ís Quantum Of Solace
To truly get the best out of the actor playing Bond, a director needs to have a firm handle of the leadís strengths and weakness and then make a conscious effort not to ignore the weaknesses. That might sound stupid and counterintuitive, but itís actually an important lesson to be learned with the franchise. Bond should always be evolving, but even so, he needs to be a balance between suave, grandiose, funny, smart, sexy and athletic. At their worst, Roger Moore is too willing to joke, Sean Connery is too rugged, Timothy Dalton is too serious, George Lazenby is too handsome and Pierce Brosnan is only like a B+ at everything. At Craigís worst, heís too gritty and raw, and this movie proves it. Itís their strengths that turn into their biggest issues.

A lot of Bond movies go way too complicated with the plot, and Quantum Of Solace is probably one of the worst offenders. Featuring a criminal organization far less cool than SPECTRE and a slew of characters that arenít overly memorable, itís one of the shortest Bond films at 106 minutes; yet, it feels annoyingly and frustratingly long. Thatís likely due to its lack of truly interesting characters and the lack of enjoyment it gets from all the exotic locations it visits and its over reliance on Craigís action skills.

Still, this movie is worth being praised for a few reasons. Compared to Europe and Asia, Bond isnít called to South/ Central America nearly enough. Olga Kurylenkoís Camille Montes pops every time sheís on the screen, and Craig, while misused, does the best he possibly can with the material given. If this is the worst film we get from him, he has nothing to be ashamed of.

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