Ranking The Best Bond Movies: Part 1 (#23-#16)

By Mack Rawden 2012-11-06 19:01:44discussion comments
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20) 1981ís For Your Eyes Only
I still canít decide whether itís ballsy or offensive to kill off a beloved super villain with numerous appearances under his belt in the opening credits of a later sequel, but considering John Glen had contributed to three Bond movies prior to his first directorial outing, For Your Eyes Only, itís not altogether shocking he goes there. He also lets Bond visit the grave of his deceased wife who often goes entire movies without getting a mention.

Youíd think these decisions would lead to a hard-nosed film with real stakes, but unfortunately, beyond Bondís past, Glen is also very excited about campiness. Cars get stuck in trees, the scoreboard changes when James punches his foes into hockey goals and a talking parrot plays an extremely important role in the plot. Itís 007 without real stakes, which wastes some of the best visual effects the series has ever offered.

For Your Eyes Only genuinely cares about its plot. It puts real time into developing the two former smugglers/ possible villains Aristotle and Milos and the back and forth between the two. It even lets James be a good guy and ignore the advances of a sexually excited ice-skating prodigy, but in the end, those successes canít overcome the less than serious tone.

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