Ranking The Best Bond Movies: Part 4 (#5-#1)

By Mack Rawden 2012-11-09 19:11:49discussion comments
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4) 2006ís Casino Royale
Few, if any, Bond movies have received as much immediate positive press as Casino Royale. Critics and fans tripped over themselves trying to praise Daniel Craigís gritty, jarring performance as many times and in as many ways as possible. And rightfully so. Craigís 007 is vicious, aggressive and enchanting. Heís the perfect man for this role at this specific moment in time, but beyond him, there are actually a ton of other things about Casino Royale that really work.

The chemistry between Bond and Eva Greenís Vesper Lynd is among the best in the history of the franchise. Apart from Tracy, sheís the only woman who Iíve ever thought Bond could truly retire and be happy with. She pushes back, reads him as well as he reads anyone else and acts quickly and efficiently under pressure. Beyond her, Le Chiffre, while not a super villain of the Blofeld variety, works very well as a man with as much or more to lose than Bond and the scene where Bond flips his car is quite possibly the visually shocking stunt weíve ever seen from the franchise.

Director Martin Campbellís direction also deserves special note for how well he handles the momentum. Bond films typically contain about twenty minutes of unnecessary footage. Casino Royale, as the longest entry, should suffer the same problem, but it doesnít. Its 144 minutes fly by, and just the right amount of poker footage is included to give viewers an idea of whatís going on without coming off like late night ESPN.

007 needed to be rebooted at some point. We needed to see him earn his 007 stripes, and Iím really glad it happened here.

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