We have a brand new trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Here’s the really weird thing about it: Though it contains saltier language and bare bosoms, the red band trailer is actually far less offensive than the green band trailer which debuted a few weeks ago. What’s the difference? The green band version showed the film’s protagonist Tucker Max as he actually is: A racist slime who hates everyone who isn’t exactly like him and regrets giving women the right to vote. In the red band version, Tucker Max is more just a poon hound. A standard, hard-living dude who loves titties and having anonymous sex. I suspect the green band Tucker is a more accurate portrayal, but given a choice I’d rather watch the movie portrayed in the red band version.

Below we have new red band trailer for I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, along with the film’s first poster. We’ve also updated our I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell preview page with new stills from the movie, click over here to see them all.



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