Red Dawn Remake Picked Up By FilmDistrict, Will Finally Come To Theaters

By Will LeBlanc 2011-09-26 15:20:08discussion comments
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Red Dawn Remake Picked Up By FilmDistrict, Will Finally Come To Theaters image
Itís been quite some time since weíve heard anything about the remake of John Miliusí classic Red Dawn and with good reason. Based originally around a fictitious invasion of American soil by the Soviet Union, the remake traded Russians for Chinese and that didnít make China very happy. Concerns arose earlier this year, but since then the filmís producers, the once bankrupt MGM Studios, have gone back and done a little editing tomfoolery and CGI magic to turn the Chinese baddies into North Korean baddies. This change removes the threat of one of Americaís biggest trade cohorts getting all offended and cutting off our supply of goods. Not to mention the amount of money we make of the Chinese movie-going population.

Well now that the change has been handled, FilmDistrict has picked up Red Dawn for distribution since MGM finally organized itself enough to sell off the rights. The news comes from the LA Times, who has it that the deal isnít 100% signed, sealed and delivered, but that honchos from FilmDistrict and MGM are hashing out the last of the details now.

When the film finally hits, probably next year, youíll get to see Chris Hemsworth, Thor himself, and Josh Hutcherson, of future Hunger Games fame, battling it out against the North Koreans on their native land, presumably Michigan since thatís where a lot of it was filmed. The film will also star Josh Peck and would-be Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki.

As the original is on many peoplesí list of favorites from the 80s, the Red Dawn remake has been a big blip on their radar for quite some time. After many delays in production and then post, itíll be a big relief when the deal with FilmDistrict is inked and the film can finally be released. We should have an official date very soon. Stay tuned, Wolverines.
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