Richard Gere In Talks To Star In Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitage

By Mack Rawden 2011-02-07 17:33:47discussion comments
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Richard Gere In Talks To Star In Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitage image
If asked to describe Richard Gere, I suspect most people would go for an adjective like handsome or dapper before lauding his acting abilities, but I suspect thatís more of a compliment to his looks than a shot at his thespian abilities. After all, the man has won a Golden Globe for his work, and thereís a lot more that goes into being broadly considered attractive than just looks. The Pretty Woman star has always had a sophisticated charm about him - thatís why he was the husband in Unfaithful and not the fling. Heís the dude women want to settle down with, at least as long as heís not managing their hedge funds.

According to Deadline, Gere is in serious talks to play a hedge fund manager hellbent on unloading his empire in Arbitage. After an ill-fated maneuver, heís forced to turn to an unlikely source for help. Susan Sarandon and Eva Green have already boarded the drama, which will begin shooting in April. Nicholas Jarecki (The Informers) wrote the script and will direct.

This seems like the right time. I havenít read the script, but based on the protagonist one would expect the script would ask viewers to offer at least a little sympathy for troubled Wall Street baron. Even a year ago, that may have been too much to ask, but with all the government loans largely paid off and d-bags like Bernie Madoff behind bars, viewers may be ready for a role like this again.
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