Ridley Scott May Add Stoker To An Already Long In-Production List

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-06-25 18:15:25discussion comments
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Ridley Scott May Add Stoker To An Already Long In-Production List image
Ridley Scott must be having trouble at home because he apparently has no desire to stay there. Already busy with the Alien prequel, the Monopoly movie, The Kind One, and a proposed Gucci biopic, the director is thinking about tossing another project on to the pile.

The Playlist reports that Scott is currently circling Stoker, a film written by Wentworth Miller under the handle "Ted Foulke." According to the story, the film will center on a girl named Indiana Stoker who sees her "mysterious uncle" try and get closer to her family after her father passes away. The Los Angeles Times is also saying that Carey Mulligan has joined the cast and that Jodie Foster is in negotiations.

What happened, Ridley? Body of Lies was a mess, Robin Hood was a bore and the next Alien film is supposed to get you back to your roots as a sci-fi director. So why are you taking films like this? Perhaps I'm wrong, though and the mysterious uncle will be less "creepy molester" and be more "extraterrestrial monster."
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