Rob Riggle Cast As The Villain In 21 Jump Street

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-04-06 18:28:32discussion comments
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Rob Riggle Cast As The Villain In 21 Jump Street image
Looking back on 21 Jump Street, it's hard to remember that it wasn't a comedy, but actually tried to be a straight cop drama. The reason we find it funny now is that the style (bandanas and jean jackets) and concept hasn't aged very well. But if there was any question as to where the Jonah Hill film adaptation would fall across the drama/comedy line, we know have our answer.

Variety reports that Rob Riggle has signed on to play the main villain in 21 Jump Street. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the film is about a special police division that hires young-looking cops to pose as high school students and weed out crime. The cast already includes Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube and Brie Larson. A Saturday Night Live alum and frequent Daily Show corespondent, Riggle starred in four movies last year ranging from great (The Other Guys) to mediocre (Going the Distance) to terrible (Killers, Furry Vengeance).

Though I would understand why some people wouldn't like Riggle's comedy style - it is a bit intense - I personally find him very funny and I look forward to seeing what he can do with not only a large part, but the villain role.
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