Robert De Niro Signs On For Midnight Run Sequel

By Katey Rich 2010-03-05 17:39:07discussion comments
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Robert De Niro Signs On For Midnight Run Sequel image
Robert De Niro, seriously, what is going on? The actor widely regarded as the best of his generation hasn't made a good movie decision since 2000's Meet the Parents, and that's almost negated thanks to the awful sequel that followed it. Sure, he founded the Tribeca Film Festival, which is a great addition to New York City, but those of us who like him as an actor can be forgiven for wanting more.

And now he seems to be making one of his most baffling decisions yet. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that De Niro has signed on to a sequel to Midnight Run in which he starred as a bounty hunter hunting down a mob accountant, played by Charles Grodin. Because Grodin is retired from acting and also has good sense, he won't reprise his role, so it'll be someone else getting pulled by the ear. It probably won't be all that hard to find someone else to get on board-- high-profile remake, original star on board, all that-- but I can't be the only person who sees this as an awful idea. Isn't there a manager or somebody in De Niro's life who can prevent things like this from happening?
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