Robert Pattison Will Bed Christina Ricci In Bel Ami

By Josh Tyler 2010-01-08 01:06:45discussion comments
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Robert Pattison Will Bed Christina Ricci In Bel Ami image
Itís amazing to me that weíve gone through two Twilight movies now and still no one has managed to find a way to channel the castís popularity into moneymaking opportunities elsewhere. Adventureland earned critical praise but was barely noticed at the box office. Robert Pattinson has done some indie movies, but even though we're a year and a half out on this Twilight thing none of them have yet been released. Maybe all that residual Twilight lust will finally translate into something big when Pattison shows up in Bel Ami, a movie heís starring in with Uma Thurman and now, according to Production Weekly, also Christina Ricci.

The movie, which starts shooting next month, is based on a short story about a young journalist who beds the most wealthy and influential women in Paris to achieve success. Pattison is George Duroy, the young journalist. Uma Thurman is the wife of a friend, who helps him with his ascent, and then later dumps his friend to become his wife. Ricci will play Clotilde de Marelle, a friend whose husband is away for long periods of time. Itís probably safe to assume that Pattinson will help her fill those lonely hours. Insert fangirl fantasy squeal here.
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