Robert Zemeckis Promises The Roger Rabbit Sequel Is Still Happening

By Will LeBlanc 2010-11-01 06:58:41discussion comments
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Robert Zemeckis Promises The Roger Rabbit Sequel Is Still Happening image
When the news originally broke that the live-action/animation classic Roger Rabbit was going to get a sequel, excitement and/or outrage broke out among the film community. The prospect of 3-dimensionalizing Roger himself was terrifying to the purists and in this day and age, we couldnít help but think thatís the way things were going to go. Fortunately, later last year, MTV sat down with the director and got out of him that 3D would be employed but not to the classic characters, implying that we may see a 2D animated world go head to head with a 3D animated world.

Once more MTV has caught up with the director and again the only answer they can get out of him is ďItís being worked onĒ as he jokes about the slowness of the writers, Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman, the original scribes for the 1988 classic. Zemeckis, who hasnít announced that heíll direct a sequel but it seems very likely that will be the case, is playing his cards very close to the vest so as to not give anything away, but itís sort of annoying how long heís kept us on the hook for news. However, he does think the new script is great so thatís a good start.

Check out the very brief interview below.

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