RoboCop Director Jose Padilha Will Keep The Original's Irony But Not The R-Rating

By Sean O'Connell 2013-09-06 08:33:23discussion comments
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Iíd like to know your philosophy towards action choreography. What will your action pieces look like in this new RoboCop?

Itís grounded. Itís handheld stuff. I think the best definition is, itís grounded. We go in with the actors. When itís robots, we go in with the air, because itís CG, but I try to make it as grounded as I can. RoboCop is not Superman, right? He has a certain level of ordinary ability. I mean itís not Ö it is grounded because there is a [point] to RoboCop inserting a human brain into [the structure of] a machine. So long as he has that brain, heís vulnerable, right? If you crash a car, and your brain hits the wall of a car, youíre going to pass out, right? Itís realistic like that.

But ultimately, the existence of RoboCop was supposed to make us all feel safer.

Yes, and thatís the idea. The idea is if we can prove that machines are better for law enforcement, using RoboCop, maybe we can turn minds and people will back up this program, hence the Samuel Jackson character.

What can you tell me about his character?

Heís a media mogul. Heís like the American brass was in the beginning of the invasion in Iraq. Nobody questioned the weapons of mass destruction. Letís just go do it, alright? This is kind of him with RoboCop.

You said fun, though. I mean, weíre in a position now, weíre all of our blockbusters have to be heavy and dark. I hope your movie is fun. Whatís the tone you are shooting for?

Well, itís ironic. I mean, itís an ironic movie, like the original RoboCop. We kept that. But itís also dramatic, because the man is kept inside that machine. He has a wife. He has a kid. How does the kid look at him? He canít even stay at home because every night Ö he doesnít have an immune system, and so every night, they have to clean his blood or else he gets sick. Heís very powerful, but heís also very fragile.

I like those touches.

And so, how does his wife relate to him? She signed a consent, and now sheís seen him inside his thing and he ainít happy, right? I mean the difference between our movies, and itís not even our movies, is the concept of RoboCop. Itís very different than say the concept of Iron Man or the concept of Spider-Man, because Spider-Man and Iron Man are characters who people want to be. Kids want to be Spider-Man. Kids donít want to be RoboCop. Nobody wants to! Not even Alex Murphy. RoboCop is more like a Frankenstein. So, itĎs a very different movie. Itís not comparable. You canít compare RoboCop to any of those movies, because itís just a different thing.

RoboCop will be in theaters on February 7.
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