Rodriguez Says Sin City 2 Just Around The Corner

By Katey Rich 2014-05-21 20:58:30discussion comments
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Rodriguez Says Sin City 2 Just Around The Corner image
Most of us gave up long ago holding our breath for Sin City 2, despite seemingly every major player promising the movie would get made eventually. It's just been too damn long without any progress to take all those rumors seriously!

But Robert Rodriguez, who obviously has a stake in keeping the series going, is telling you not to give up hope-- again. "I always say Sin City 2 right around the corner, because thatís what everybody wants to hear and I like pleasing the audience," he said during an interview at SXSW. But he was a little more honest than he might have been previously: "It might be a long corner."

So what does this mean-- Rodriguez wants us to sit around until our hair turns gray, waiting for him and his crew to get their shit together on this movie? Or is he just being kind, telling us to stop anticipating it so much, and maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise when it happens? At least this will, very temporarily, stop the latest wave of Sin City 2 death rumors.
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