Ron Howard And Brian Grazer Won't Let The Dark Tower Die

By Sean O'Connell 2011-08-17 11:02:12discussion comments
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Ron Howard And Brian Grazer Won't Let The Dark Tower Die image
The good news, Stephen King fans, is that Ron Howardís multi-part adaptation of the excellent sci-fi/fantasy The Dark Tower series isnít dead in the water, even though Universal backed away from the expansive (and expensive) endeavor earlier this summer. The bad news, however, is that plans are extremely tentative right now, and even if all the pieces fall into place, it would be a year Ė at least Ė before Howard and producer Brian Grazer could mount their productions.

Itís starting to sound like Rolandís life-long quest to reach the mystical Dark Tower will end before Howardís vision makes its way to a screen. But thereís hope. The New York Postís Page Six says that he and Grazer continue to seek financing for their planned adaptation, which could span three movies and a television series. One new bit of news is that Grazer is contemplating airing the TV component of the story on Netflix. The video streaming system, if you recall, paid handsomely for the rights to the drama series House of Cards. It could be the ideal home for an experimental drama series such as this.

Page Six confirms that Javier Bardem is still committed, at this time, to play Roland, the last gunslinger who treks through a series of bizarre worlds on his way to the Dark Tower that looms on the horizon. The seven-part book series is one of Kingís best, but the intricate world would be extremely difficult to construct for film and television. And as Page Six points out, Howardís schedule exploded as of late, with a Formula 1 drama and the ongoing promise of an Arrested Development movie. But at least it sounds like Howard and Grazer arenít letting The Dark Tower die just yet, and if you are a fan of the material, thatís either encouraging, foolish, or both.
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