This Rotten Week: Predicting Catching Fire And Delivery Man Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2013-11-17 12:26:47discussion comments
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Delivery Man
As the father of one child it isnít too difficult for me to extrapolate the challenges of raising a kid out into raising, say, 532 additional kids. For instance, this morning Little Rotten Week, on our trip to the park asked me to hold thirteen pieces of garbage she found on the ground, ordered me to "sleep" under the jungle gym, instructed me to run around yelling "Show! Show! Show!" while she corrected my running style and said I needed to carry her home at a trot because a "Poop Dog" was chasing us and was planning on sh@#$ing on our heads if we slowed down. So yeah, having a few hundred more kids wouldnít be too tough. Itíd be just like the heaven it is now, 500x over.

Unfortunately for Vince Vaughnís character, he hasnít been eased into fatherhood like me and instead wakes up one day to find out the sperm he dropped off at the clinic twenty years prior turned itself into more than 500 kids, a bunch of whom now want to find out the identity of their biological father. He sets out to learn about this offspring while deciding whether heís fit for actual fatherhood. Trust me Vince, its bliss.

Ken Scott, who recreates his film Starbuck (65%) into an American version, has Vaughn a bit out of the actorís typical sarcastic/ humorlessly terse style, playing a possibly gentler role. Vaughnís characters, for better or worse, trend toward know-it-all-ness. In his younger years this worked with well in his supporting roles, but rarely translated toward leading man success, at least in terms of critical reception. His role in this flick seems softer, more reticent. While I donít think this will be a complete critical darling, it is nice to see him playing a slightly different character. Some early reviews are mixed, and I think they stay that way. This wonít be a huge hit, but it might pave the way for a different Vince Vaughn going forward. Good luck with fatherhood big guy. The Rotten Watch for Delivery Man is 38%

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