This Rotten Week: Predicting The Hangover III, Fast & Furious 6 And Epic Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2013-05-19 08:11:00discussion comments
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Recapping last week:

A direct hit with Star Trek Into Darkness (Predicted: 86% Actual: 86%). Granted, I had a sizable head start on this one, but the score dipped ever-so-slightly during the week, making this a win. Kateyís review pointed out some of the flaws in the film, but as a whole, the film scored in line with the first in the J.J. Abrams line of Enterprises. It certainly bodes well for Star Wars that Abrams knows how to handle a transcendent franchise. Episode VII looks like its in good hands. Not that I necessarily doubted that, but itís nice to have a little confirmation because making Star Trek and Star Wars fans happy ainít easy.

Next time around we see head back to Earth and rob banks using magic. Itís going to be a Rotten Week!
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