This Rotten Week: Predicting Labor Day and That Awkward Moment Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2014-01-26 18:20:05discussion comments
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That Awkward Moment
That awkward moment when you really want to like a movie because of the players involved and the fact that itís an R-rated comedy with guys you donít necessarily expect in that kind of thing. And then that awkward moment when you realize it looks bad and you donít want to hate it, but after watching an extended trailer and laughing almost not at all, well, itís awkward.

The comedy about a bunch of bros coming to grips with their waning bro-dom is awkward when played out to the clicheíd maximum. Dudes who are avoiding "relationships" with the opposite sex because it would somehow impair their ability to maximize, to the fullest, the spoils of the single sex. Only to find out that, oops, relationships are better even when your bros tell you they arenít. Plus thereís a bunch of jokes revolving around Viagra, guys being naked around other guys, having a girlfriend being "dumb" and even a guy-is-so-excited-he-gets-hit-by-a-car joke that you can see coming a million miles away even in the trailer. I think this thing is going to be a real shame.

Look, Iím a huge fan of Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller crushed in The Spectacular Now and Zac Efron is having a mid-career, badboy redefining that I think Iím going to like (see what he does in Neighbors). But as a whole, I think this thing falls well flat, possibly rubbing everyone the wrong way (pun maybe intended).

This is Tom Gormicanís first work as a director (he also wrote the film), and is one of those movies I think we quickly forget about and watch the players move on to bigger and better things. Broís will be broís. Everyone will bounce back. The Rotten Watch for That Awkward Moment is 42%

Which movie will get a higher Tomato score?


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