This Rotten Week: Predicting Looper, Won't Back Down And Hotel Transylvania Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2012-09-23 08:51:11discussion comments
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Wonít Back Down
Oh boy. Here we go. A movie with a mission. Donít know if youíve heard lately, as really no oneís been talking about it, but it seems many people fervently believe the public school system is a crumbling cesspool of laziness and inaction and thereís only one victim: the children. Wonít someone think of the children?!

Iím not here to debate public policy or even really weigh in on the broiling education debate happening in our country right now. As an enlightened human being, I think Iím above that, choosing to spend my time thinking about the inevitable Terminator takeover and whatnot. But I do have an important question I need answered about this flick: why does Maggie Gyllenhaalís hair keep changing? First itís short, then long, then short, then long, well you get the point.

This movie is playing for probably one type of person. If you think teachers and the public education system are bad, then youíll like it. If you think thatís not the real culprit, you wonít see it. If youíre in between, I guess it could sway you. Wonít Back Down concerns the struggle by hot (ish) single mom Gyllenhaal and wise teacher Viola Davis to take control of their kidsí failing inner city school. It might get heavy-handed at times, but honestly, thatís probably the point.

Daniel Barnz directs and dude knows a thing or two about making people monsters, having helmed the comically bad Beastly (20%). Here he takes the fight to the schools with the backing of Walden Media who backed the critically acclaimed Waiting for Superman (89%). I think the documentary format works better for movies like this and critics split it down the middle. The Rotten Watch for Wonít Back Down is 53%
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