This Rotten Week: Predicting Neighbors, Moms' Night Out and Legends Of Oz Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Moms' Night Out
Rotten Watch Prediction
As one of the greatest fathers of all-time (documented), it pains me to see movies portraying fathers as bumbling morons who canít navigate even the simplest of waters when it comes to taking care of their kids. I get it that Momsí Night Out is supposed to be about something else equally moronic, but the theme of fathers as imbecilic when it comes to child-rearing struck a chord with me. Because Iím such an amazing, award-winning dad.

Check out some solid parenting in the Momsí Night Out trailer:

Momsí Night Out appears to have been created in a "creative" atmosphere devoid of any solid ideas, but rather with a dartboard of cliches the writers took wild aim at, incorporating whatever ridiculous idea thatís ever been associated with parenting. This movie seems to stand in sharp contrast to Neighbors in that both are dealing with the idea of leaving youth behind to raise a family. The difference is when you get funny people to make one of those movies (Neighbors) and not-so-funny people to create the other (this flick). Like Neighbors, there are some well-worn cliches about parenting as well as escalating shenanigans. Whatís the difference? Delivery is part of it. Writing another. But most likely itís the difference between understanding aspects of real life and transposing the ridiculous and sublime over it rather than embedding the characters in an already clicheíd life and moving outward.

Brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin direct Momsí Night Out after teaming up to helm October Baby (22%). I canít imagine this finishes much better. The jokes seem canned, the premise (moms go out and things go wrong) seems tired and at no point during the trailer did I even crack a grin. This is what happens when a premise overtakes the message. It turns into a long, laughless crazy night. And the dads look dumb. So I hate it even more.
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