This Rotten Week: Predicting Pompeii and 3 Days to Kill Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2014-02-16 19:04:36discussion comments
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3 Days to Kill
So the premise of this movie is so ridiculous that I think it actually could crest over the realistic mountain and down into the valley of the sublime, relying on the idea that we, as moviegoers, are willing to accept pretty much anything in the way of plot mechanics. And once we do that, once we get over that hump, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride down the slope into the valley of Entertaining Action Movie. At least I hope thatís the case. Because if not, this thing looks terrible.

Kevin Costnerís character has multiple issues. He is a killer who doesnít want to kill anymore but needs to keep killing because if he doesnít he wonít get the antidote for the mysterious illness heís contracted that will kill him in three days (deep breath, and exhale). As I said in the first paragraph, these are elements of your standard action movie. But then we get the family element. All of this is going on while Costner is tasked with watching his teenage daughter for the long weekend. This is done, presumably, for comedic effect.

These kinds of movies can work. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good example. Or they can fall massively flat. Director McG knows a little about this having had success with Charlieís Angels (67%) but then missing the mark with This Means War (26%). Itís a fine balance, the high octane action/ comedy mashup.

If you canít tell that I want this to be good you arenít reading close enough. I feel a bit like Iím grasping at straws, hoping thereís a redeeming piece to the proceedings. And while wishful thinking can help in some ways, I think thatís all weíll get here. The Rotten Watch for 3 Days to Kill is 37%

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