This Rotten Week: Predicting Star Trek Into Darkness Reviews

By Doug Norrie 2013-05-12 07:15:14discussion comments
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Recapping last week:

Damnit, The Great Gatsby (Predicted: 71% Actual: 48%) just looked so off-putting. I knew it. I wrote about it. I blew it. A problem I had in this prediction was that I donít particularly care for any of Baz Luhrmannís work, yet heís scored well on the Tomatometer in the past. This threw me off a bit. So when Gatsby looked a bit wrong I had to factor in that stylistically it could be just me, and not the critical community as a whole. That was a mistake. Critics came in under the halfway point and my score was off by a decent margin.

Meanwhile, Peeples (Predicted: 39% Actual: 38%) was almost a direct hit. Ericís review confirmed what I suspected: this was just a blatant rip off of Meet the Parents. And yet he didnít completely hate the flick, feeling the performances held up on their own. Big winner here? Tyler Perry as this is one of the most critically acclaimed films with his name attached. Congrats big guy.

Next time around itís a big one with Phil, Stu and Alan completing the trilogy, Vin D. getting fast and furious one last time and an animated epic. Itís going to be a Rotten Week!
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