Rubik's Cube Gets An Agent; Can A Movie Be Far Behind?

By Katey Rich 2010-11-04 21:29:51discussion comments
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Rubik's Cube Gets An Agent; Can A Movie Be Far Behind? image
We hear all the time about studios picking one game or toy to adapt as a movie, particularly over at Universal, where their deal with Hasbro means someone over there has to write a script about a Ouija board. But for a toy to get an agent? LIke, an inanimate bit of plastic, with an agent? These things are possible, and they have happened: according to What's Playing, the people behind Rubik's Cube have snagged themselves an agent at CAA.

CAA is one of the more powerful agencies in Hollywood, representing the likes of George Clooney and Oprah, so if anyone will know how to represent a toy, it's those guys. Clearly Rubik's Cube president Richard Lovett believes his iconic toy can be worked into some kind of movie narrative, and who can blame him, really, when Asteroids is on its way to a movie of its own. The notion of a Rubik's Cube movie barely feels absurd at this point, but I do have to laugh at the agent who now lists a cube of plastic as one of his clients.

So, Cinema Blenders-- what would you want to see in a Rubik's Cube movie? I'm picturing something like the Allspark Cube in Transformers, only somehow more absurd, and maybe even with more explosions. Hey, so long as we're dreaming, we may as well dream big.
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