New Rum Diary Clip Promises Dancing, Amber Heard, And A Shirtless Dude

By Sean O'Connell 2011-10-25 16:07:47discussion comments
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Johnny Deppís The Rum Diary, which opens Friday, Oct. 28, catapults the actor back into Hunter S. Thompsonís surreal prose for the first time since 1998ís Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And if fans of that that adaptation fear Bruce Robinsonís effort wonít be sultry enough without Terry Gilliam at the helm, this new clip posted via DanceOn: The Dance Video Network should ease their concerns.

Thatís Zombieland and Drive Angry star Amber Heard cutting a rug in the exclusive clip. And her moves are so hot, the gentleman trying to keep up on the dance floorís compelled to remove his shirt. Then again, if I had abs like his, Iíd look for any excuse to take off my shirt, as well.

A couple of things were absent from the clip, though. Depp, for starters, who couldnít even be spotted in the background. Also, the bizarre visual touches Robinson appears to have slipped into his film (as evidenced by that massive tongue in the filmís strange trailer) are non-existent in this straightforward clip. But thereís dancing. So if youíve already seen Footloose and youíre looking for more passionate moves, Rum Diary appears to have a few. I canít tell you much more about it, as FilmDistrict neglected to screen the film for review. Didnít they read our Footloose review? We love dancing. Honestly.
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