Sam Raimi Substituting Warcraft For Spider-Man?

By Josh Tyler 2010-01-12 14:18:23discussion comments
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Sam Raimi Substituting Warcraft For Spider-Man? image
Now that Sam Raimiís off Spider-Man, he has plenty of free time. AICN says he may use that free time to get serious about Warcraft.

No, heís not playing it, except maybe as research. Last summer it was announced that Raimi was hired to direct a movie based on the popular video game franchise. Then he became embroiled in the mess that was Spider-Man 4 and the project seemed to be going nowhere quickly. Now that Spideyís out of the way, it seems logical that he might start focusing on Warcraft as his next big project. AICN is throwing their anonymous, unconfirmed sources behind that sensible notion and tossing around the name of Avatar as a template for what Sam could do with Warcraft. I presume they mean that heíll create a massive, all-CGI worldÖ though since itís Warcraft blue cat people really arenít out of the question.
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