Sam Worthington May Enlist In Space War Thriller At Warner Bros.

By Sean O'Connell 2011-06-06 18:18:34discussion comments
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Sam Worthington May Enlist In Space War Thriller At Warner Bros. image
Following the trio of Terminator: Salvation, Avatar and Louis Leterrierís Clash of the Titans remake, Sam Worthington traded effects-laden muscle pictures for quieter ensemble dramas. That pit stop was short-lived, though, as the actorís name now is attached to a sci-fi action project thatís on the radar at Warner Bros.

There arenít a lot of plot details in the Deadline story regarding the pitch, which was written by Aaron Guzikowski and snatched up by Worthingtonís Terminator studio, WB. The project is called a "grounded space war film," though your guess is as good as mine as to what that actually means. If the project comes to fruition, it would reunite Worthington with his Titans producer Basil Iwanyk, whose credits also include Ben Affleckís crime drama The Town and upcoming features from Clint Eastwood (A Star Is Born) and Jeff Bridges (The Seventh Son).

But when will Worthington have the time to film this as-yet-untitled space war film, and who will be tapped to direct what sounds like a massive, effect-driven endeavor? The British hunkís busy filming Wrath of the Titans for director Jonathan Liebesman and Worthingtonís still a part of James Cameronís back-to-back Avatar sequels, once they get underway. The actorís calendar certainly is full. Letís just hope heís delivering quality as well as quantity.
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