Sam Worthington Replaces Tom Cruise In The Tourist

By Katey Rich 2009-08-04 08:23:31discussion comments
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Sam Worthington Replaces Tom Cruise In The Tourist image
Actors of Hollywood, you've been warned repeatedly about Sam Worthington. He's hunky, he's got a cute foreign accent, and he's apparently willing to work very, very hard. He overshadowed Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation, he's starring in everything from Clash of the Titans to Avatar, and now he's gone and replaced a homegrown American movie star in The Tourist.

According to THR, Worthington is replacing Tom Cruise in the spy thriller, which also stars Charlize Theron as an Interpol agent who uses an innocent American tourist (Worthington) as bait in an attempt to catch a wanted criminal. The film is a remake of the original French thriller Anthony Zimmer.

To be fair, Cruise dropped out of the film before Worthington signed on, so it's not exactly like he was traded in for the younger, more studly model. But it's still a strong signal that Worthington's star only continues to rise, maybe after execs got glimpses of Avatar a few weeks ago and saw more examples of what he can do.
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