Sam Worthington Updates Us On Wrath Of The Titans And Avatar 2 And 3

By Will LeBlanc 2011-08-15 07:04:26discussion comments
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Sam Worthington Updates Us On Wrath Of The Titans And Avatar 2 And 3 image
Despite placing himself in some shitty movies, Sam Worthington has made a pretty strong career for himself, if by doing nothing more than picking movies that make boatloads at the box office. The Australian native found himself starring in the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar back in 2009, and since heís on far more publicity tours for other films than James Cameron, heís the one constantly being asked about the filmís proposed sequels.

At a recent press outing for his upcoming film, The Debt, Worthington was asked where the Avatar sequels stand and Collider has the answer.
Jim talked to me on my birthday. In regards to Avatar, heís writing the bible, at the moment, which is a precursor to Avatar 1 and the whole world, basically. I think itís just to get Jimís mind back into the characters and back into the world. Heís told me where he wants to take Avatar 2 and 3, and itís monumental. Itís just huge! But, youíd expect nothing less from him. Heís not going to start it until heís 100%. I know theyíre setting up shop down in Manhattan Beach, and when he says jump, I jump.

Not surprisingly, Worthington is ready to jump back into the mocap gear and start working with the legendary director again. The bible will hopefully not take Cameron too long to finish, but we know from experience that for him to reach ď100%Ē can sometimes take ten years.

Worthingtonís other blockbuster smash from recent years was Clash of the Titans, for which director Louis Letterier must have traded his soul for box office profits. The film is getting sequelized in the form of Wrath of the Titans from director Jonathan Liebesman, whose most recent outing Battle Los Angeles didnít fare too well. But Worthington has great things to say about the film and director-- not a surprise from an actor paid to say nice things about his movie, but still maybe reason to hope it'll be the Clash of the Titans film that we should have gotten in the first place.
With Jim [Cameron], it comes down to Jim. Titans made a lot of money. A lot of people went and saw it. Weíve just got to make it right. Iíve just finished that. I loved it! I loved that experience. Clash 2 is so different. It was a different experience for me because Iíd learned a lot from Clash 1, and Iíd learned a lot from other movies. I canít wait for that to come out. But, Iím not surprised at all.

I love that Worthington is careful to only say the film made a lot of money, not that people loved it. Because guess what, no one did.

Expect Worthington to continue getting pestered about the Avatar sequels right up until the films finally see the light of day, which may not be for quite some time. But with Wrath of the Titans due out in March 2012 and production just wrapping up, expect a lot more marketing to start coming our way very, very soon.
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