Sasha Grey Will Skinny Dip With Machete

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-02 23:07:44discussion comments
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Sasha Grey Will Skinny Dip With Machete image
Iíll be honest. Iím reporting this story just because I thought Iíd have a lot of fun browsing through Google Image Search to find the one image on the internet in which Sasha Grey isnít naked. Thatís just how it goes when youíre a porn star trying to break into the main stream. No other porn star has ever really pulled that off. Usually the best a porn actress can hope for when trying to make that jump is to become Traci Lords, a little used character actress who will eventually just end up playing a porn star in mainstream movies. But Sasha Grey is trying.

She started down the mainstream track with her mostly successful appearance in Steven Soderberghís The Girlfriend Experienced where, unsurprisingly, she played a callgirl. Now Prod Weekly says sheíll continue her journey into mainstream acting by taking the lead role in a movie called Skinny Dip. Iím sensing a theme here.

Already cast in Skinny Dip are Machete familiars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez. Trejoís an experienced nude swimmer, after his threesome in a pool with Lindsay Lohan and whoever that was playing her mother in Machete. Michelle Rodriguez will just have to learn to swim naked on the fly. Iím sure itíll come naturally. Mostly though, Skinny Dip is more about revenge than sex in the water. Skinny Dip has something to do with the story of a woman, apparently played by Sasha Grey, who kills a police officer.

The interesting thing about Greyís journey into mainstream acting is that, unlike every Traci Lords before her, it doesnít seem to be an attempt to shed her porn persona and go legit. If you check out her IMDB page not only will you discover that IMDB also indexes porn movies now, but also that sheís kept right on doing as much porn as possible while still pursuing mainstream acting gigs. Sasha has appeared in nine adult videos just in 2010 alone.
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