Sautee Swordfish Using The Michael Clarke Duncan Method

By Josh Tyler 2009-11-30 21:18:46discussion comments
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Iíve been pimping Broken Lizardís new movie The Slamminí Salmon for months now and hopefully, youíve all begun to get it through your heads that this is a movie which deserves your ticket buying power when it hits theaters on December 11th. But just in case youíre not quite convincedÖ we have clips!

These arenít just any clips, theyíre choice bits of medium rare comedy gold. Both feature the movieís biggest selling point, the utter genius of Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan steals every scene heís in with such hilarious dialogue asÖ well why spoil it. Watch the clips from The Slamminí Salmon below and learn how to properly sautee a swordfish.

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