Saw 3D SDCC Invite Artwork Will Have You Seeing Things

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-20 13:24:09discussion comments
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With San Diego Comic-Con just days away, the Saw 3D press event invites are out and theyíre decorated with a creepy image. Shock Till You Drop posted the invite artwork and itís guaranteed to make you teary eyed Ė but not in The Notebook sort of way. I still much prefer the carousel poster from Saw VI, but perhaps thatís just because that image didnít make me as uncomfortable as this one. On the other hand, the whole eye thing is a clever way to hint at the extra dimension.

Keep in mind that this isnít the filmís official poster, only a little artwork accompanying the invite. Iíve got my fingers crossed that not only could the filmís press event result in the release of that first poster, but maybe even a teaser trailer too. For now, check out the invite image below.

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