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By Josh Tyler 2008-12-28 18:21:39discussion comments
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Earlier in the year the big, fake Batman 3 casting rumor going around was that Philip Seymour Hoffman would play the Penguin in Nolanís next caped crusader sequel. Hoffman himself debunked it, saying that not only wasnít he involved, he wasnít really interested in being involved. Since then weíve moved on to far less appealing fake Batman 3 rumors, like Cher as Catwoman. Yet as the year draws to a close, somewhere out there Warner Bros and Nolan may actually at last be thinking about moving on to the next Batman. I think that makes it a good time to revisit Hoffman.

Of course no one knows what characters will be used in the next Batman. Maybe they wonít do the Penguin at all. If they do though, I canít imagine anyone more perfect than Philip Seymour Hoffman. He seems like a Nolan actor and itís easy to imagine him slipping right into Chris Nolanís world. So note to Nolan, if youíre thinking Penguin give PSH a call and do your best to talk him into it. It wonít be hard, just show him the box office receipts for The Dark Knight and offer him points.

Earlier today I received an email from someone trying to stir up those fake Hoffman as Penguin rumors again. This particular rumor-monger went to more trouble than most, including a photo of Hoffman done up as the aforementioned Batman villain. He claims that the image is a makeup test, of the type often done when a studio is trying to figure out if they want an actor in a makeup intensive role. I find this extremely unlikely. Odds are this emailerís pic is a photoshop job. But itís a good photoshop job, done in just the way you might expect Nolan to approach a character like this one.

So check it out below. Again, Iím almost certain itís a complete and total fake, but itís worth a look to see how well Hoffman might pull off the Penguin look if he were involved:

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