See What Ghostface Is Up To On The Set Of Scream 4

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-08-20 16:32:43discussion comments
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See What Ghostface Is Up To On The Set Of Scream 4 image
Itís been a little while since our last Scream 4 update and while there still isnít anything too profound to report, there are enough floating around thatíll at least spark some interest. At this point it seems as though Wes Craven is done with out-in-the-open shots and is now sticking with locations in residential areas. I donít know what this Bananadoc person does for a living, but he or she seems to have made the Scream 4 shoot his or her life because Bananadoc is the person responsible for a wide majority of the images and info floating around the internet.

For example, hereís what Bananadoc had to say about a scene shot on the 13th on
It was a bloody, messy scene and security were very cranky about cameras. I donít blame the crew for wanting no cameras ó it was an important scene, filmed in full view of the (albeit small) crowd. In fact, it was so pivotal that Iím surprised they chose to do it that way.

A small crowd is still a crowd, so I cannot believe someone hasnít spoiled whatever went on that night yet.

Warning, this may delve into spoiler territory., clearly a site dedicated to the Scream 4 star, has a gallery of shots of Tortorella with Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. No, theyíre not just of the kiddies hanging around the fountain; they show some actual blood! The spoiler is who the bloodís on Ė the filmís heroine, Roberts. Itís only a little splatter, so her character, Jill, likely only suffers a baby stab at this point. You know, the kind Stu and Billy intended to give each other at the end of Scream.

Speaking of Stu Macher, Before the Trailer caught Matthew Lillard in the area. No, he isnít making a Scream 4 cameo ghost-style, as far as we know; Lillard is in Michigan working on a project of his own called Home Run Derby. People went a little nutty when shots of Lillard hanging out with Campbell surfaced, but the shooting locations are likely a coincidence and the old friends just opted to take advantage of the opportunity and hang out.

What cannot be taken very lightly is a new image posted on Theyíve got a shot of a wall covered with Scream 4 storyboards. Itís difficult see, but sharpened the image up quite a bit and when viewed in its largest form, you can actually make out some of whatís going on.

Thatís it for now, but weíll keep an eye out for more Scream 4 news and post another update soon. If you need day-by-day info, Iíd suggest checking out this Bananadoc guyís website called Michigan Movies and More.

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