Seth Rogen Is Simon Pegg's Alien Obsession

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-26 22:04:35discussion comments
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Seth Rogen Is Simon Pegg's Alien Obsession image
More casting on Paul, the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost go on a road trip movie being directed by Greg Mottola. As if Frost and Pegg werenít enough on their own, go ahead and add Seth Rogen, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wigg, Bill Hader, and Jane Lynch to the movieís IMDB page.

The movie has Pegg and Frost playing two sci-fi nuts on a road trip to Area 51, where they encounter an alien named Paul. Variety says Seth Rogen has been hired to play the voice of the alien, which I guess means theyíll be doing him with CGI, though I really hope they go with Muppets. Or better yet, dress Seth Rogen up in bad prosthetics. Hilarious. But yeah, CGI with Rogenís voice coming out of it is probably what weíre getting. Thatís not a bad thing. He ran away with the entire movie earlier this year when voicing B.O.B. in DreamWorks computer animated movie Monsters Vs. Aliens. You canít have too much Rogen laugh.

No word on where the rest of the cast fits in, but itís a road trip movie so thereís plenty of room for wacky roadside encounters. Itís hard not to think of Fanboys every time I report on this movie, though in this case the filmís nerds earn alien gratification instead of crushing, Jar Jar infested disappointment.
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