Seth Rogen May Sing Asia In Rock Of Ages

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-21 11:28:02discussion comments
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Seth Rogen May Sing Asia In Rock Of Ages image
Iím starting to miss the chubby, funny Seth Rogen. Now heís doing superhero movies andÖ musicals? The Star says heís considering a role in Adam Shankmanís movie version of Rock of Ages. Iíd rather see Rogen get back to smoking pot and attending illegal Mexican donkey shows. I definitely do not want to see him sing or worse, dance.

See people liked Seth Rogen because he sort of seemed like he could really be your odd, slightly metal, stoner friend. And it was fun rooting for that guy, who could be you or one of your buddies, to make it big in Hollywood against the odds. Now it seems like heís making it big by abandoning himself and becoming just another generic Hollywood dude, and youíve gotta wonder how long it will be before people start bailing out on him. Iím still on the Rogen bandwagon, Iíll put up with all the extreme weightloss to play a superhero, but Iím probably getting off if he does a musical.

At least Rock of Ages is sort of a rock and roll musical, though if he did Cats that would potentially be hilarious. The Broadway musical on which Rock will be based is built around classic glam metal hits of the 80s, including Asia. You know how I know youíre gay? Because youíre going to be in a musical which uses music from Asia.

Word is that Rogen is being considered for the part of the movieís narrator Lonny. Shankman is expected to start shooting Rock of Ages later this year with an eye towards a 2011 release.

UPDATE! Seth Rogen has denied the rumors that he'll be involved in Rock of Ages.
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