Sharlto Copley Heads To Space In First Trailer For Europa Report

By Eric Eisenberg 2012-11-12 22:43:46discussion comments
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Where have you gone, Sharlto Copley? in 2009 the South African actor blew audiences away with his lead performance in Neill Blomkamp's District 9, and it looked like he was going to be the next big thing when he took the role as Murdock in Joe Carnahan's The A-Team, but the sad truth is that we haven't seen him in anything since.

Fortunately, the drought will soon be over. In 2013 he will appear in Blomkamp's second effort, the epic sci-fi story Elysium with Matt Damon (which is due out on August 9, 2013), and he will also be in Spike Lee's Oldboy, playing the central villain and squaring off against Josh Brolin (out later that year on October 11, 2013). As high-profile as those parts are, though, one project that has been developing under the radar is a sci-fi thriller called Europa Report - and today the first trailer for the movie has arrived online. Check it out below.

Co-starring Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu and Isiah Whitlock Jr., the new film is directed by Sebastián Cordero and based on an original screenplay by Philip Gelatt. The story follows a group of six international astronauts as they head to Jupiter's fourth moon, Europa, to search for any possible sign of alien life forms. The project was produced by Wayfare Entertainment and Misher Films, but it does not yet have distribution in the United States.

To try and discover the secret of The Europa Report, head over to the viral website seen in the trailer at Let us know what you find!
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