Shatner Confirms He's Out Of Trek

By Josh Tyler 2007-07-10 04:16:38discussion comments
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Shatner Confirms He's Out Of Trek image
Shatner has gone on the record and erased all doubt. He’s not in the new Star Trek movie and Leonard Nimoy is. He knows that, because he found out from a highly placed source. The source? Leonard Nimoy himself.

Captain Kirk recently put up a video on his “Shatnervision” site in which he goes on a local radio show and talks about being given the boot from Abrams’ new Enterprise. He lays the whole thing out as he knows it… and what he knows is not much. Nimoy has a script, he read it, Nimoy as Spock is in it, Shatner as Captain Kirk is not. At least we got one out of two.

Hear Shatner in his own words by clicking play on the vide below:

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