Shawn Levy Talks Plans For Hugh Jackman In Real Steel

By Katey Rich 2009-11-13 07:13:59discussion comments
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Shawn Levy Talks Plans For Hugh Jackman In Real Steel image
Hugh Jackman is currently arguing with Daniel Craig every night on Broadway in the play A Steady Rain, but he's not going to be going from there directly back to his Wolverine claws. In the meantime he's got his eye on Real Steel, a movie that has several crazy things going for it. 1) It is directed by Night at the Museum's Shawn Levy. 2) It is about robot boxing. 3) Its director is comparing it to Rocky.

Yes, Levy is apparently fearless and is comparing Real Steel to the most famous boxing movie of all time. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, Levy said, "It's faithful to the [original Richard Matheson] story in that that story was very much about a down-on-his-luck, slightly desperate journeyman who works in this robot boxing sport and who is desperately needing redemption and one last shot. The movie is more Rocky than Transformers."

Levy also talked about the design of the boxing machines themselves, which are used in a not-so-distant future as entertainment for humans who have gotten bored of watching their own kind beat each other up. "They are most definitely not Transformers, not Terminators, definitely not WALL-Es, either," Levy said. "Unlike a lot of these others, these are human-built, human-scale fighting machines." I can't help it-- I'm still imagining the power loader from the end of Aliens. But if Hugh Jackman is inside one, I won't really complain.
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