Sony Unhappy With Green Hornet Because Rogen Doesn't Look The Part?

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-14 00:48:40discussion comments
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Sony Unhappy With Green Hornet Because Rogen Doesn't Look The Part? image
Green Hornetís production has been plagued with problems all along, from car wrecks to last minute changes in direction, so maybe itís not exactly a surprise to hear that the film may not have turned out as well as Sony had hoped. What is surprising is that, somehow, they didnít realize Seth Rogen doesnít look like a superhero until literally just now.

IESB says Sony execs are unhappy with the Green Hornet movie being turned in by director Michel Gondry. Specifically they think itís too campy, they donít like what Gondry did with it, and yep, they donít like the way Seth Rogen looks. All of this, is pretty ridiculous.

Itís ridiculous not because itís untrue (for now this is just a rumor) but because, well, what were they expecting? Of course Seth Rogen doesnít look like a superhero and of course a superhero movie starring Seth Rogen and directed by Michel Gondry is going to be kind of campy. Apparently Sony didnít bother to watch any of Gondryís other movies before they hired him. Heís not exactly Christopher Nolan. Heís known primarily for making sort of weird, whimsical fantasies. Apply that formula to a superhero movie, especially one written by and starring Seth Rogen, and youíre invariably going to come out with something campy. Was there ever any other possibility?

Campy by the way, doesnít necessarily mean bad. And the fact that Rogen doesnít look the part doesnít necessarily mean bad either. It could be different, fresh, and exciting. But whether it's good or not, none of this is news. This is the movie they asked for and it sounds like itís the movie they got. If Sonyís actually upset, they really donít have any right to be, though this could explain why weíve yet to see a teaser image or a poster or even the slightest advertisement for what has been up till now one of the yearís most eagerly anticipated productions. Or maybe itís still just too far off.

Green Hornet isnít due in theaters until December, so thereís plenty of time for the studio to tinker with their finished product. If this rumor pans out, expect to hear a lot more grumbling from everyone involved in the months ahead. Letís hope weíre not in for yet another terrible, holiday released superhero flick. Historically, December is not a good month for comic book movies.
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