Spade Back For Joe Dirt 2

By Lexi Feinberg 2006-04-12 00:00:00discussion comments
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Spade Back For Joe Dirt 2 image
David Spade, determined to continue career suicide after Grandmaís Boy and The Benchwarmers, is going to make a sequel to the 2001 hick flick Joe Dirt.

Thatís right, despite horrible reviews across the board, Joe Dirt is getting a second installment, because as we know, misery loves company. According to Moviehole, the sequel follows the trailer-park mullet man as he travels back in time, to make sure that every other rocker with a bad hairdo transitions safely into modern times.

What is Spade thinking? ďWe wrote it. We wrote it because Sandler thinks itís funny. Always a ringing endorsement. ĒSo when I go out, you hear about the certain movies a lot and then you get weird facts like it sold the most DVDs at Sony a year ago from all their movies at Wal-Mart.Ē

Iíll bite my tongue and omit all obvious Wal-Mart jokes. Joe Dirt 2 will start filming this summer. After scoring a 9% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, something tells me the sequel will be added to the ever-expanding list of films not screened for the press.
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