Spielberg Rumored For Warcraft

By Josh Tyler 2006-06-19 00:00:00discussion comments
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Sometimes a rumor hits the internet thatís beyond belief. For instance just about anything involving George Lucas is usually a lie. And whenever you hear a big name director has been attached to a genre project thatís way beneath his notice, thatís usually bollux too.

Thatís probably the case with this rumor, but weíll report it anyway. The guys over at JoBlo are reporting that Steven Spielberg may be directing the upcoming World of Warcraft video game to movie adaptation. They cite no source of any kind for this rumor, and themselves admit that itís probably a load of crap. But there it is. Now sit back and wait for it to be inevitably proven completely false.

The idea that Spielberg might have something to do with such a project is pretty farfetched, especially when he already has a lot on his plateÖ and thatís even if you donít count that fourth Indiana Jones movie that probably never really going to happen. This is likely nothing more than Warcraft fanboy wishful thinking. Dismiss it until we find something more concrete.
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