St. Trinian's Clips: Russell Brand Smokes Tampons

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-16 21:45:17discussion comments
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Way back in 2007, before Forgetting Sarah Marshall blew up and America discovered who he was, Russell Brand did an oddball British comedy with Rupert Everett and Mischa Barton called St. Trinianís. Now that heís on his way to becoming a name (and just wait until Get Him To The Greek is released and the world elects him as its king), the filmís finally getting a limited theatrical release stateside. In fact Iíve got a screener copy sitting on the desk in front of me, clamoring for my attention.

The screener, for now, goes unwatched. But I may pop it in later tonight after browsing through the 9 clips from the film weíve got for you below. Billed as a rauncy comedy set in a school for young ladies, the clips in question make it look as though it may not, in fact, be as entirely awful as you might expect. Earlier tonight on Twitter, Coronaís Coming Attracions head honcho Patrick Sauriol called it ďlike watching Gossip Girl done with a Benny Hill feel but without the nudity.Ē For some inexplicable reason, that sounds like something I have to see.

Check out all nine clips from St. Trinianís below and check back with Cinema Blend for my now all but inevitable review.

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