Stephen McFeely And Christopher Markus Hired To Pen Captain America 2

By Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-10 21:31:18discussion comments
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Stephen McFeely And Christopher Markus Hired To Pen Captain America 2 image
When Chris Evans first signed on to play Captain America and it was announced that he would be portraying the character in six films, it was fairly obvious that it meant we would see a Captain America 2. But because nothing in the movie industry is ever a 100% slam dunk, we've been waiting this long to find out if it would really happen. Short answer? Yes.

Latino Review is reporting that Marvel has hired Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, the writers behind Captain America: The First Avenger, to begin work on a sequel (though the story doesn't say if the project has been given the greenlight). According to the article, the sequel, as expected, will take place in modern times and will be chronologically after The Avengers.

While I can somewhat understand the timing of this news, what with the trailer getting a serious amount of buzz this past weekend, this still may be a bit premature. It's hard enough to judge a movie based on a two minute trailer, it's even harder to judge one by a 30 second spot. I still have high hopes for Captain America: The First Avenger, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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