Steve Carell Will Romance Keira Knightley At The End Of The World

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-01 00:40:39discussion comments
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Steve Carell Will Romance Keira Knightley At The End Of The World image
Hereís an on screen celebrity pairing which, I think, pretty much nobody saw coming. Steve Carell may be teaming up with Keira Knightley. Picturing them together just seems wrong. Iím fairly sure they donít even exist in the same universe.

Steve Carell is on his way out of The Office and his first project after he escapes NBC will be something called Seeking a Friend For the End of the World, a movie about mankind dealing with the fact that civilization is about to be wiped out by an asteroid hit. Steve is set to play a guy abandoned by his panicky wife and Knightley is in negotiations to play the neighbor who accompanies him on a road trip to be with his high school sweetheart when the world ends. Romance blossoms between them instead (which seems kind of icky), and unbelievably, Deadline says the movieís a sort of romantic comedy.

Iím not sure how that works, when everyoneís about to die and Steve Carell is romancing a girl so much hotter than he is, that sheís definitely from another universe. Actually, on second thought, an asteroid hit is just about the only thing that could make this work. When the world ends, the Keira Knightleys of the world lower their standards. Sorry Steve, I love you, but we both know itís true.

If The 40 Year-Old Virgin taught me anything, itís that Steve Carell will now spend the next several months finding increasingly funny ways to remove his body hair, on the off chance that this movie requires a sex scene. While he waxes and we wait, hereís a few more actor pairs which, should they ever happen, just wouldnít make any sense:

Rob Schneider and Cate Blanchett
Tyler Perry as Madea and Tom Cruise
Dame Helen Mirren and Ashton Kutcher
Justin Bieber and Louis CK
Jar Jar Binks and Natalie Portman

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