Steven Spielberg Will Direct His Way Into World War I With War Horse

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-03 16:50:21discussion comments
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Steven Spielberg Will Direct His Way Into World War I With War Horse image
Hey remember that long, long list of movies Steven Spielberg was supposed to be doing? Over the past few months heís been rumored to be involved in literally everything from Indiana Jones 5 to a Martin Luther biopic. Throw it all out the window. Heís not doing any of it. Heís doing a World War I epic instead.

Variety says heís set to direct War Horse, a movie based on a Michael Morpurgo novel about the friendship between a boy and a horse separated during the Great War. Their fates continue to be intertwined as the trench war across Europe rages on. Itís kind of like ďThe Black StallionĒ but with guns and severed limbs.

So maybe you were looking forward to one of those other Spielberg projects, but thereís a lot to get excited about here. This is, after all, the guy who made the definitive World War II movie in Saving Private Ryan and, though I think weíve covered that war and most of the others in the past couple of hundred years pretty adequately, no one has really done the definitive World War I movie. Itís so often overshadowed by the fight to take down Hitler a few decades later that itís rarely examined as anything other than a series of air battles against the Red Baron. Spielberg has an obvious affinity for this kind of historically based material, War Horse could be something special.
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