Stunning Where The Wild Things Are TV Spots

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-14 02:05:10discussion comments
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Itís going to happen eventually. At some point, some illiterate idiot is going to come up to me and comment on how stupid the monsters in those Where the Wild Things Are trailers look. Then Iíll be forced to punch that idiot in the nose. Itíll be even worse if itís someone I know. So every bit of information they can get out there on this movie, to talk people into loving what theyíve seen from it as much as I have, is a good thing. Itíll save me a fight or two, maybe itíll even save my family.

Still, I have this sinking feeling that when it opens in theaters on October 16th only you and I, sweet reader, will actually be in the theater. Odds are almost no one is going to get it, no matter how great it is. Come on people, think really hard. Embrace it. Love it. Youíll get it. If you donít get it, it wonít be the fault of Warner Bros. Theyíre doing an amazing job of marketing this thing. Every trailer or spot released is better than the last.

Hereís the latest two better than the lasts. Two brand new TV spots for Where the Wild Things Are:

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