Summer Movie Wrap-Up: 2013's Winners And Losers

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Loser: A-list Stars
The summer of 2013 left more than its share of A-list talent battered in its wake. It also left more than its share of mediocre, awful and boring movies that didnít offer anything beyond star power. Coincidence? No. Johnny Deppís $200 million dollar adaptation of The Lone Ranger couldnít even break $100 million in North America. It used old source material fans didnít know and was savaged by critics. Matt Damonís Elysium got halfway decent reviews, but it too picked the wrong subject matter. Its trailers struck too political of a tone, and it hasnít even hit $70 million domestically. Will Smithís After Earth and Vince Vaughn/ Owen Wilsonís The Internship fared even worse. With a few exceptions--most notably Brad Pitt somehow turning World War Z into a hit--it was a godawful summer for the A-list and unless, Hollywood executives take note, 2014 could be the same way.

Once upon a time, slapping Cary Grant's face on a poster may have put asses in the seats, but we donít live in that world anymore. To do big business, a movie needs to offer either good reviews or look like a damn good time. The days of millions of people seeing a movie just to see a movie are over. An A-list star is enough to get people to watch the trailer, but the final product needs to offer good reviews, a damn good time or ideally both. None of these failures offered both, and we shouldnít be shocked at their fates.
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