Summer Movie Wrap-Up: 2013's Winners And Losers

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Loser: Buddy Action Films
Action films will forever be a staple of the summer movie season and this summer wasnít particularly kind to the films featuring two central stars teaming up to take down the bad guys. Some of this yearís biggest bombs, including Gore Verbinskiís The Lone Ranger (which wound up losing Disney $150 million), Roland Emmerichís White House Down (which only made $134 million globally on a $150 million budget), and Robert Schwentkeís R.I.P.D. (which made only $61 million of its $130 million budget back), fit into this category, but even Baltasar Kormakurís 2 Guns - which was made for only $61 million Ė found little success at the box office. Reviews likely didnít help any of these movies, but itís still hard to say what it was exactly that caused all of them to fail. How will this affect the future of the buddy action movie subgenre? Only time will tell.
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