Super 8 Is Still Super 8, Won't Be Retitled Darlings

By Josh Tyler 2011-01-06 21:16:09discussion comments
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Super 8 Is Still Super 8, Won't Be Retitled Darlings image
Earlier this week a new Brazillian trailer for Super 8 found its way online here, except the trailer didn’t call the film Super 8. Instead it went by the name “Darlings” prompting everyone on the internet to speculate that the mysterious JJ Abrams film might be getting a name change. Consider that notion debunked.

We checked in with the folks at Paramount who tell us that not only will Super 8 not be retitled in the United States, it’ll still go by Super 8 in Brazil as well. Apparently the title Darlings was something they only used for security purposes, and they’re still calling it what they’ve always called it. So no need to invest in a new URL, though should you really be a fan of something before it’s even finished being filmed? Consider doing something else with your life.
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