Superman Headed For Reboot?

By Rafe Telsch 2008-08-20 17:47:07discussion comments
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It seems every week we get a new tidbit on Warner Brothersí plans for various DC super heroes. One week JLA will be separate from existing Batman/Superman entities. The next week itíll be the same. One week Wonder Woman is getting her own movie. The next week sheís out of production.

This week the focus is on Superman and Warnersí plans for the Man of Steel. Regardless of what you thought about the movie, you have to admit the film took itís time becoming anything close to a commercial success, which has the studio a bit concerned about making another one along the same lines. Varietyís Thompson on Hollywood says the studio is debating a reboot of the franchise instead of an extension, although itís an ongoing debate.

The big concern in play here is Bryan Singer. Some people didnít care for the homage he created with Superman Returns and thereís a desire to reboot things a la Batman Begins, to the point that people think Singer may be expendable if heís not willing to put aside his desire to carry on his tribute to Richard Donnerís flick.

When the movie was in theaters, I wished Singer hadnít paid so much tribute to Donner in the movie, but I think getting rid of the director would be a bigger mistake. Superman just isnít Batman. You canít go too much darker with the big blue Boy Scout. If Singer is willing to holster some of his need to pay homage to Donnerís classic take on the character, I still think heís the best pick for handling another Superman picture. Hopefully Warners can settle this debate without getting rid of Singer. Then again, this is the studio that almost let Supes fight against a giant spider, so who knows what sort of sense may win the day.
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