Surprising Final Twilight New Moon Trailer: Updated

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-13 02:31:51discussion comments
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Surprising Final Twilight New Moon Trailer: Updated image
A brand new trailer for The Twilight Saga New Moon has just leaked online, get it while itís hot, or at least before the cease & desist suits use their law degrees to have it taken down. Speaking as someone who is not at all a fan of this series, this is the very first thing Iíve seen from New Moon that actually looked, well, kind of good. Saying this may cause Orson Welles to rise from the grave and strike me down, but there was a moment somewhere during this trailer where I even felt a twinge of excitement. If youíre already a Twilight fan, then odds are youíre going to wet your pants.

Have some paper towels handy to clean up the inevitable mess, and watch the leaked version of the newest trailer for Twilight: New Moon.

UPDATE! The official version has been released. It's the first embed below.

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